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Counseling Services

Indivdual Couseling

Individual Counseling

Personal experiences, relationship issues, work-related issues, and career problems among other issues vary from individual to individual. What may be stressful for one person may not be an issue for another.  Individual counseling is often sought when a particular issue becomes problematic to the point that it begins affecting our day-to-day life and even our functioning.    
But counseling isn't just a remedy for distress. Many forward-thinking individuals embrace counseling at ABTS as a preventive measure, preparing themselves for upcoming life events. The hesitancy to share personal struggles, often stemming from fears of judgment or confronting deep-seated concerns, is natural. At ABTS, we initiate your healing path with a comprehensive Evaluation for Services, tailoring the therapeutic journey to your unique needs. Emphasizing autonomy and trust, our services are entirely voluntary. Following the initial evaluation, you are empowered to choose whether to embark on or step back from the treatment journey. Your well-being, always our priority.

Couples Couseling

Couples Counseling

Selecting a life partner stands as one of the most profound and complex choices we navigate.  Throughout our lives, we cross paths with countless souls, yet only a select few resonate deeply enough to envision a shared future.  Rarely do we enter a relationship with fleeting intentions, like thinking, "This might just be my first spouse."  Instead, we commit heart and soul when we genuinely believe we've found our match.  However, as time unfolds, the initial spark may dim under the routine's shadow, leading us to feel distant, even in close proximity. It's a journey of connection, rediscovery, and constant evolution.   

Seeking couples counseling at ABTS offers a transformative experience for relationships at every stage.  We understand the nuances of partnership dynamics and provide tailored strategies to navigate challenges, enhance communication, and rejuvenate intimacy.  Our skilled therapists create a safe, unbiased environment, enabling couples to rediscover their bond and build a resilient foundation for the future. 

Famly Therapy

Family Counseling

Navigating the complexities of family dynamics can often be challenging. It's common for individuals to hesitate when sharing private family matters, fearing that unresolved issues may escalate. However, open communication within families, while invaluable, can sometimes lead to more questions than answers. At ABTS, our family therapy approach is crafted to strengthen the bonds between family members, empowering each individual to address challenges and foster understanding. With ABTS, you're not alone on this journey. We're here to help families reconnect, heal, and thrive.

Child Therapy

Child Therapy

Choosing to take our children to therapy is often a very difficult decision.  Just like adults, kids and teenagers experience trouble dealing with their problems and go through a great deal of stress.  Changes in the family, problems with peers, bullying, academic problems, and other countless issues can affect our kids. 

ABTS provides counseling for children from 4 years of age and older.  Children communicate differently than adults; therefore, the counseling process is different.  Some children communicate better by talking, others through play and others through art.  For this reason, we offer Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Parent-Child Interaction therapy, Family therapy among other therapeutic approaches.  Child Centered Play Therapy is a very effective approach with children as play is a natural and nonthreatening process.  Toys are their words and play is their language.  Children love to meet with their counselor in the playroom which offers a safe and supporting environment in which they can express and resolve their issues.

Although the children will be the clients, parents and family members play a major role in the child's treatment and recovery.  Parents participate in the treatment planning and also spend time talking to the counselors to share their thoughts and also receive suggestions to enhance their parenting skills, as we understand that some issues involve the entire family.  
At ABTS, we care for the child's progress and we hope that children develop the skills necessary to deal with problems independently. 

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