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Image by Khadeeja Yasser

At ABTS, we take pride in our holistic approach to mental well-being. A cornerstone of our therapeutic offerings is sand tray therapy, often known as sandplay therapy. Esteemed as a clinically validated form of expressive therapy, it allows clients to navigate the realms of their emotions, thoughts, and memories using the tangible medium of sand and an array of evocative miniatures. Through this intricate dance of creation within a sandbox, clients unveil landscapes that mirror their inner worlds, providing a profound insight into their psyche. We're proud to have several therapists on our team, adept and trained in this transformative therapeutic modality.



Image by Markus Spiske

Understanding Sand Tray Therapy

The Clinical Setting: A typical session involves a specific-sized tray filled with sand. Alongside, you'll find a collection of miniature objects - animals, structures, natural elements, and figurative representations.


Therapeutic Objectives: The goal isn't just to create a scene, but to access parts of the client's subconscious mind that might be challenging to reach through conventional talk therapy. This form of therapy can unveil hidden emotions, unresolved conflicts, and buried memories.


The Process Unveiled: Under the therapist's guidance, clients select and position miniatures in the sand, creating a scene. This non-verbal expression provides invaluable insights into their inner world, offering both the client and therapist tangible points for discussion and reflection.


Guided Exploration: While therapists might remain observational during the scene creation, they actively engage with the client afterward. This exploration can shine a light on underlying feelings, relationships, or past events influencing the client's present life.


Who's It For?: This therapy can benefit anyone, but it's particularly useful for individuals who find it hard to articulate their feelings or who have undergone traumatic experiences. 


Clinical Foundations: Rooted in Jungian psychology, sand tray therapy recognizes the profound influence of universal symbols and themes. The therapy aligns with the belief that our psyche communicates its needs, fears, and desires through symbolic language.


In essence, sand tray therapy is more than just playing in the sand. It's a clinically backed approach that offers a visual and tactile medium for clients to explore and heal their inner worlds. At ABTS, we facilitate this journey with expertise, empathy, and a deep understanding of the mind's intricate landscape.

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