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Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a powerful word which is often associated with severe drug use, extreme financial issues, occupational or social problems.  For some, a simple mention of the word can be uncomfortable or even offensive.     

In essence, addiction is a “reward” disease in which an individual constantly pursuits a reward by using a substance, engaging in a habit or activity.  In other words, we can become addicted to a drug, alcohol, video games, electronics, gambling and many other activities.  The brain recognizes that something is enjoyable, and it desires it more often.  The problem begins when individuals are unable to control their use or activity.  Their habits start affecting their daily living and consequently, they begin struggling to fulfill their responsibilities.


ABTS offers an addiction treatment designed to help individuals reach abstinence and control their use in a stable and permanent way.  We understand that recovery is a gradual process, and everyone will experience it differently.   Our program consists of a combination of individual counseling, EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and family counseling.  Addiction not only affects the individual, but also loved ones involved. For this reason, ABTS also offers individual counseling focused on restructuring the family dynamics to help family members or loved ones cope with the situation.

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