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There are times where meeting with a therapist in person is not possible.  We understand that we may have barriers that prevent us from going to an office such as childcare problems, health issues, time constraints or we are simply too far.  ABTS is dedicated to overcome these barriers and provide the same personalized counseling service through Telehealth.


Telehealth is also known as online counseling, virtual counseling or video counseling.   Therapy is done through a virtual platform where a licensed therapist is available to you.  ABTS provides the same structure as outpatient therapy where you will speak to a live person to coordinate your appointments, get you ready for your session, answer any questions and even provide a virtual waiting area.   ABTS also provides a patient portal where you will be able to sign up for services and check your future appointments. 


Telehealth works the same way as traditional counseling except that you are not in the same room but your information remains secure and confidential.  Sessions are held in a private and in a secure environment and follow the same structure as traditional counseling.  Telehealth is not a replacement for face-to-face counseling, but a complement to help you achieve your healthcare needs and overcome all barriers that prevent you from talking to a therapist.  


Telehealth Requirements

  • Internet Connectivity  (750 kb/s)

  • Be in a safe and secure environment

  • Have minimal distractions

  • Enable your microphone & camera

  • Be ready 15 minutes before your appointment



We are one phone call away if you need assistance connecting to Telehealth

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Patient Registration

You can start your registration by clicking the button below.  Our staff will then contact you to offer you a therapist that fits your needs.  

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